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  • I hired attorney Nicole Daussin from the Law Office of Bradly Carlson to represent me while fighting for full legal custody over medical decisions regarding my two minor children. I... read more

    Cadden Pylant Avatar
    Cadden Pylant

    I was extremely pleased with the legal assistance provided by The Law Office of Bradly A. Carlson, LLC. Mr. Carlson provided clear and concise legal advice, and managed all of... read more

    Rob Campellone Avatar
    Rob Campellone

    I work in a legal setting and witnessed Mr. Carlson and his team assist military members during their legal proceedings. Some time after, I ran into an issue myself.... read more

    Jon Palacios Avatar
    Jon Palacios
  • I initially sought legal consultation w Brad and his team and thought that the truth alone would ultimately protect me in court. I was wrong. Anyone protecting themselves and their... read more

    Danya Davis Avatar
    Danya Davis

    I called other firms who quoted me a lesser amount only to be charged an exponential amount later. I chose the Law Office of Bradly Carlson because they were honest... read more

    Kelsey Charles Avatar
    Kelsey Charles

    Brad is an amazing lawyer! I hired Brad to represent me in a child custody case, my ex was abusive and it was a complicated case. Brad was brilliant... read more

    Jennifer Cambra Avatar
    Jennifer Cambra
  • My name is Monte Hernandez and I am a private investigator in the Anchorage area, I work with Brad on criminal cases, he is very dedicated to defending his clients.... read more

    ramoon Fernandez Avatar
    ramoon Fernandez

    I hired Brad and Team for a custody issue- I am a father that lives outside the state of Alaska, so to say I had an uphill fight ahead of... read more

    Casey Leimbach Avatar
    Casey Leimbach

    Bradley Carlson is an amazing lawyer! Very solid, good advise & counseling, sensitive to all needs and takes into consideration your whole situation, above and beyond any lawyer I've known.... read more

    Susan Bean Avatar
    Susan Bean

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