Other Sexual Offenses

Sexual assault and rape are not the only sexually-based offenses that a member in the military can be investigated and disciplined for.

In fact, there are a wide-range of  sexual offenses that a member can be charged with under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If you think of sexual assault charges as being on a spectrum of severity, with rape and sexual assault being considered the most serious in the eyes of the law, there are still a plethora of sexual offenses that someone can be charged with. Although less severe than rape and sexual assault, these offenses still carry heavy penalties and the sex-offender stigma if convicted. A good defense is the ONLY way to ensure that you have a fighting chance at proving your innocence.

Sexual contact, stalking, indecent viewing (and recording/broadcasting), prostitution, indecent exposure, and child pornography are examples of the range of other sexual type offenses anyone subject to the UCMJ can be charged with. Do not think for one minute that only “criminals” get accused and charged for these heinous sounding acts. It only takes a misunderstanding, a case of being in the “wrong place at the wrong time,” or a misinterpretation of the facts for an innocent man or woman to be investigated for sex crimes. In this day and age, in which military and civilian leadership is incredibly hypersensitive to anything sex-related, a mere allegation of any of the aforementioned offenses can turn into a full blown witch hunt. This is why it is NEVER too early to seek qualified, professional, and experienced counsel when faced with life changing circumstances.

The social stigma involved with just being charged with a sexual criminal act is almost as bad as if the crime was actually committed.

A person being questioned by investigators or initially being placed under investigation may not think that they need a defense attorney because they are innocent – right? This assumption could not be more wrong. The earlier our team can insert themselves in the process the better the chance we can prevent a shoddy case from even going to trial. Let us be honest, although an acquittal at a public trial keeps a member out of jail and being a registered sex-offender, it does NOT prevent the inevitable fact that mere allegations will be reverberated for a lifetime. In our experience this is not just a possibility—it is a reality. Our team has the knowledge, the knowhow, and the ability to stop these unfounded accusations before a situation spins out of control.

The prosecution, especially as it pertains to sex crimes, will be relentless in proving their case.

They will use all the tool at the government’s disposal to maximize their ability to win a trial at all costs. As a service member, take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Hire the best team in the business to prevent a seemingly harmless allegation from turning into a life changing catastrophe.

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Court-Martial and U.C.M.J. Defense

Although being under investigation of a crime does not make you a criminal, you will likely feel like one because you will be unable to perform your military job.


Assault is another common offense chargeable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Unlike a civilian charge of assault, a military charge of assault is often accompanied with other military specific charges.

Child-Related Offenses

Whether it be sexually-based allegations or some other form of harm against a child, the consequences of being found guilty in any forum are grave.

Court-Martial: The Process

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Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in society, but the military takes a very different stance on how they are prosecuted.

Military-Specific Offenses

The military is unique in the fact that the Uniform Code of Military Justice has a plethora of military-specific offenses that one can be charged with.


Our team will ensure that the government neither oversteps its authority nor preemptively focus its attention on the wrongly accused.

Sexual Assault & Rape

Sexual assault and rape are serious offenses that have life changing consequences.

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