Military-Specific Offenses

The military is unique in the fact that the Uniform Code of Military Justice has a plethora of military-specific offenses that one can be charged with.

This gives each service the ability to charge a wider-range of alleged misconduct. A service member can be charged with a number of military-specific offenses: being late for duty, absent without leave, derelict in their duties, disobeying orders or regulations, giving false statements, and even using provoking speech. Some of these offenses can be so generic, that without proper representation, the government will assuredly have the upper hand.

In some cases, the government will use the military-specific offenses as a “catch-all” if their other charged offenses are weak.

They only want a conviction, so at the end of the day, the military-specific offense is irrelevant as long as the conviction is received. Do not think for a moment that a presumably trivial accusation will go away. If the prosecution wants to make an example out of someone, they will use whatever lawful means at their disposal to ensure “justice” is done. Our team has the experience to thwart these accusations and preserve careers.

If you have been charged with a military criminal offense in Alaska or Nationwide, Carlson Law Group, LLC, can advise you of your rights and options under the military criminal system and will vigorously defend you against the charges brought by the government.

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Court-Martial and U.C.M.J. Defense

Although being under investigation of a crime does not make you a criminal, you will likely feel like one because you will be unable to perform your military job.


Assault is another common offense chargeable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Unlike a civilian charge of assault, a military charge of assault is often accompanied with other military specific charges.

Child-Related Offenses

Whether it be sexually-based allegations or some other form of harm against a child, the consequences of being found guilty in any forum are grave.

Court-Martial: The Process

A court-martial is the military’s version of a criminal trial. The process of convening a court-martial, however, is significantly different than in the civilian community.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in society, but the military takes a very different stance on how they are prosecuted.


Our team will ensure that the government neither oversteps its authority nor preemptively focus its attention on the wrongly accused.

Other Sexual Offenses

Sexual assault and rape are not the only sexually-based offenses that a member in the military can be investigated and disciplined for.

Sexual Assault & Rape

Sexual assault and rape are serious offenses that have life changing consequences.

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