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Court-Martial and U.C.M.J. Defense

The military is an organization that is rooted in good order and discipline.

Central to good order and discipline is following the chain of command and obeying orders. Service members are taught to trust their leadership and, in return, their leadership will look out for the best interest of the service member.

Imagine that you receive a phone call from your superior directing you to meet him at the police station. After waiting for hours, a man walks into the room, identifies himself as a special agent, and proceeds to read you your rights. In that moment you are scared, confused, upset, and unsure what to do. This situation happens daily across the military.

Being under investigation, and eventually charged with a crime, is serious business that can have long-term and serious impacts to you and your career.

Although being under investigation of a crime does not make you a criminal, you will likely feel like one because you will be unable to perform your military job. In many instances, a service member under investigation will have the credentials required to perform his or her job revoked. This will leave the service member left to perform remedial tasks and feel ostracized from the unit.  

In the military, the Commander is the person that sends cases to court-martial. This means the chain of command that you have been required to place your trust and confidence in has just formally pressed charges against you and is sending your case to trial. Once this happens, the United States will bring all of its available resources to prove the charged service member guilty. For example, the United States will have a team of lawyers and paralegals, highly trained special agents, and if needed, experts in the field of forensic psychology, drug recognition, digital computer forensics, and other fields.

Facing a military trial is scary because the organization that you joined is now trying to send you to prison.

The good news is that you do not have to face the fight alone. You have the right to an attorney of your choosing. Our firm has a team of trial proven Veterans that are ready to stand up for you. We promise to listen to your situation, thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, and provide you with the best individual representation possible. You have no time to wait if you are facing criminal charges. Call us today to discuss your case. You have spent years developing your reputation in the service; give us the opportunity to clear your good name.

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Assault is another common offense chargeable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Unlike a civilian charge of assault, a military charge of assault is often accompanied with other military specific charges.

Child-Related Offenses

Whether it be sexually-based allegations or some other form of harm against a child, the consequences of being found guilty in any forum are grave.

Court-Martial: The Process

A court-martial is the military’s version of a criminal trial. The process of convening a court-martial, however, is significantly different than in the civilian community.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in society, but the military takes a very different stance on how they are prosecuted.

Military-Specific Offenses

The military is unique in the fact that the Uniform Code of Military Justice has a plethora of military-specific offenses that one can be charged with.


Our team will ensure that the government neither oversteps its authority nor preemptively focus its attention on the wrongly accused.

Other Sexual Offenses

Sexual assault and rape are not the only sexually-based offenses that a member in the military can be investigated and disciplined for.

Sexual Assault & Rape

Sexual assault and rape are serious offenses that have life changing consequences.

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