Correction of Military Records

There may come a time in your military career where unfavorable paperwork was placed in your military record (E.g., a negative performance report).

Each branch of service has it’s own process for correcting records. These processes can be tedious and overwhelming. Our team has experience navigating through all of the red tape. Contact our experienced team today, and we will review your situation and discuss your options with you.

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Other Veterans Defense areas we specialize in

Administrative Actions

PT failures or minor misconduct may have your Commander initiate a discharge board (enlisted members who have either served six years or are an NCO) or a Board of Inquiry (Officer) to have you separated from the service.

Court-Martial and U.C.M.J. Defense

Although being under investigation of a crime does not make you a criminal, you will likely feel like one because you will be unable to perform your military job.

Discharge Upgrades

For Veterans who have served in uniform and received a less than an Honorable discharge, the impact on their post-service lives can be dramatic. While the process is not simple, a member can appeal his or hers discharge classification.

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