Rebuttals to Negative Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations are at the cornerstone of your career.

The performance evaluation captures everything that you have accomplished during the rating period, and it helps future promotion boards decide whether you should be selected for promotion. The performance evaluation is perhaps the most critical document in your career.

You have the right to rebut and appeal comments in you performance report if the information is false, substantially misleading, or unjustly included. No service member is entitled to a glowing performance evaluation. This means that the basis of a your response cannot be you were wronged because you should have been ranked higher. The Command has no obligation, or burden, to show why you received an adverse comment in your performance evaluation. Rather, you have the burden of proving to the the command that the evaluation was incorrect, misleading, or unjust.

A well prepared response to a negative performance evaluation that addresses the incorrect, misleading, or unjust information head-on is the best opportunity to change the performance evaluation.

Preparing a well drafted response to a negative performance report is challenging. Our team is ready to listen to the unique facts of your case, analyze the false, misleading, or unjust information in the performance report, and prepare a response that addresses the issue.

You have worked hard in your military career to build an impeccable record. One blemish on your performance report can be the difference in being competitive for promotion. Our team is committed to helping overcome a negative performance evaluation. Call us today, and give our team the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

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