Rebuttals to Negative Administrative Paperwork

Rebuttals to Negative Evaluations

Each branch of military service has various forms of quality force management tools such as counseling, admonishment, and reprimands.

Officially, these management tools are designed to improve, correct, and instruct those service members that depart from standards of performance, conduct, bearing, and integrity and whose actions degrade the individual and unit’s mission. While these tools are not supposed to be punitive, receiving negative administrative paperwork can have lasting career consequences.

rebuttals negative evaluation in military branches

The Consequences of a Negative Evaluation

In many instances, receiving negative administrative paperwork will have second, third, and fourth-order consequences on your career.

For example, a Letter of Reprimand can be used as a basis to initiate an involuntary discharge proceeding. Furthermore, a Letter of Reprimand will most likely cause the service member to receive an undesirable performance report, which will affect the service member’s opportunity for promotion. The good news is that a service member has a right to respond to the allegations in the administrative paperwork.

Your Negative Evaluation is Unique and it Deserves Personalized Attention

Our team has reviewed hundreds of service member’s negative paperwork.

Our goal is to help our clients receive the best possible outcome with the least impact on their careers after being served with negative administrative paperwork. We will listen to the facts and circumstances of your situation and prepare the best rebuttal possible to protect your good name. Call us today, so we can discuss your options with you.

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Administrative Actions

PT failures or minor misconduct may have your Commander initiate a discharge board (enlisted members who have either served six years or are an NCO) or a Board of Inquiry (Officer) to have you separated from the service.

Article 15, UCMJ

An Article 15 is non-judicial punishment, meaning that it is not a judicial proceeding. Non-judicial punishment is a military justice option available to commanders.

Rebuttals to Negative Performance Evaluations

You have the right to rebut and appeal comments in you performance report if the information is false, substantially misleading, or unjustly included.

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