Administrative Actions

PT failures or minor misconduct may have your Commander initiate a discharge board (enlisted members who have either served six years or are an NCO) or a Board of Inquiry (Officer) to have you separated from the service.

These boards are set up very similar to courts-martial and the outcome determines if you will be able to stay in the military, or if the board decides to separate you, what your characterization of discharge will be. Additionally, as an enlisted member you could face administrative demotion for the aforementioned reasons. Lastly, any member can face a credentialing or flying evaluation if they are a health or aviation professional.

Facing a board, demotion, or credentialing/aviation evaluation can be extremely stressful.

The good news is that you do not have to face the fight alone. You have a right to an attorney of your choosing. Our firm has a team of trial proven Veterans that are ready to stand up for you and we have years of experience of dealing with all these actions. We promise to listen to your situation, thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, and provide you with the best individual representation possible. Call us today to discuss your case. You have spent years developing your reputation in the service; give us an opportunity to fight for your retention.

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Article 15, UCMJ

An Article 15 is non-judicial punishment, meaning that it is not a judicial proceeding. Non-judicial punishment is a military justice option available to commanders.

Rebuttals to Negative Administrative Paperwork

While these tools are not supposed to be punitive, receiving negative administrative paperwork can have lasting career consequences.

Rebuttals to Negative Performance Evaluations

You have the right to rebut and appeal comments in you performance report if the information is false, substantially misleading, or unjustly included.

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