Spousal Support

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Spousal Support is a monthly payment of money made from one spouse to the other.

The court may order spousal support to be paid before the divorce is final, after the divorce, or both.  In most cases, the court orders spousal support for a specific purpose and a limited amount of time.  Before awarding spousal support the court will look at many factors: length of marriage, age and health, education, work skills, how the property and debt are divided, and many other relevant factors.

How Is Alimony Determined in Alaska?

When a family law judge determines the amount to award in alimony payments, they will review several different issues. These include:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The division of assets and debts
  • Which parent will receive custody of the children
  • Contributions rendered in the capacity of a stay-at-home parent or homemaker
  • The economic resources and earning power of each spouse

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Child Custody

Fighting with your former spouse over child custody is emotionally draining. Visitation, changes in visitation, moving, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse often accompany child custody disagreements. The laws surrounding child custody are complicated, and our team is ready to provide you with solutions. 

Child Support

In some cases, an ex-spouse will attempt to use child support as a means to continue to control the family. In Alaska, both parents, even if they do not have custody of their children, have a duty to support their children.

Divorce or Dissolution

Alaska has two proceedings for ending a marriage: divorce and dissolution. The divorce procedure is for cases in which the parties cannot agree on all issues.  A dissolution proceeding requires that both parties agree on all issues in the termination of marriage.

Military Divorce

The most common problems involve the splitting of a service member’s military pension and associated benefits, real and personal property division, and child custody planning. The unique challenges require an experienced team with a strong understanding of the state and federal laws that govern military divorce. 


Establishing paternity is critical for many reasons.  First, the father may agree to support the child only to change his mind.  Some benefits are available to the child only if paternity has been established.  Establishing paternity can make a significant difference in a child’s health, financial outlook, and identity.

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