Domestic Violence Protective Order

Domestic Violence Protective Orders, sometimes called restraining orders, are court orders that prohibit someone from threatening to commit or committing domestic violence against another person.

In Alaska, there are three types of protective orders: a 72 hour emergency protective order, an ex parte protective order, which last for 20 days, and a long-term protective order, which last for one year.

The purpose of a protective order is to give you and your children immediate, temporarily legal protection from domestic violence. 

Your are eligible to get a protective order if you are the victim of a crime involving domestic violence and have a household relationship with the person who committed domestic violence against you.  You start the process by filling out a petition for protective order.  After you complete the petition, you file it with the clerk at the courthouse.  After receiving the protective order, the respondent may be arrested and charged with a crime or have to return to court if he or she violates the order.

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