Weapons Offenses

Alaska Gun and Weapons Charges Lawyer

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution provides us the right to bear arms. 

State and federal laws, however, regulate how, when, and where they may be used, and by whom.  In certain circumstances, the manner in which a firearm or other weapon is used or handled may constitute a criminal violation. 

In other circumstances, a person, because they have had their weapons rights limited, can be in violation of the law simply by possessing a firearm.

Alaska Weapons and Firearms Laws

In Alaska, weapons charges include unlawful possession, unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon, unlawful discharge of a firearm, sale or trafficking of illegal guns, illegal manufacturing of guns, or misconduct involving weapons.  Alaska punishes these criminal offenses harshly, which can damage your reputation and negatively affect your Constitutional rights.  Depending on the crime, you can be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony.  Moreover, you will possibly face jail time, fines, probation, and other harsh penalties.

The United States Constitution provides you the right to bear arms.

This is your right; do not go down without a fight. Let our team of professionals help you keep your rights.

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Criminal Appeals

Being found guilty of a crime can cause you to believe that all hope is lost, your record is permanently stained, and that you are in fact a criminal.  In Alaska, most people found guilty of a crime have the ability to appeal the verdict.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

The relationship between drugs, alcohol, and crime is complex. Most directly, it is a crime to buy, use, possess, manufacture, or distribute illegal drugs. Drugs and alcohol also impact crime indirectly via the effects they have on users’ behavior and by their association with violence and other illegal activity.

Drunk Driving (DUI)

A Driving Under the Influence, or Operating Under the Influence, charge (“DUI”) is serious business that can change your life. Police, prosecutors, and the courts treat DUI charges very seriously. A DUI charge can easily turn into a conviction without proper legal representation.

Post-Conviction Relief (PCR)

Once your appellate rights are exhausted, there is yet another way to challenge your conviction. The next step is post-conviction relief or PCR where you may raise new claims that were not available to you on direct appeal. Requiring experience on both sides — as both prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Alaska.


Probation gives you freedom to live your life outside of jail. You can, however, be forced to serve the original sentence if you violate the conditions of your probation. You need an experienced team on your side to assist you at your probation violation hearing.

Property Crimes

Some of the “minor” property crimes may not carry severe penalties in court but have lasting effects on your record. Not many employers would be interested in hiring individuals with any type of property offense on their record. These cases must be defended aggressively as possible, and our team is here to help.

Sex Crime

Being charged with a sex crime is terrifying. The confusion, anxiety, and social stigma can be a difficult burden to carry alone. What started as a nice evening and ended in what you thought was consensual sex, could turn into a lengthy jail sentence and lifelong sex offender registration. Our team is here to help.

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