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Moving as a Military Member

The family and I are making our way through Canada back to Alaska. While camped for the night, I had the opportunity to review our property management ledger from our home in Louisiana. While reviewing the ledger, I discovered that we are being erroneously charged for items annotated on our move-in inspection.

Before leaving, I delivered the keys to the property manager and politely asked what I needed to do to have “surrendered” the property. The property manager had no form and said “Don’t worry. We do this all of the time.”

I pushed back and ended up signing a form.

I found the erroneous charges both frustrating and disappointing. Often times, military members are forced to quickly move from home to home hoping that their rental deposit will catch up to them. In some cases, property managers charge additional charges because the monetary amount is not enough to fight about.

What property managers fail to realize, however, is that military members have rights under federal and state law. Moreover, each military installation has administrative remedies to prevent property managers from taking advantage of military members.

Moving as a military member is stressful.

Dealing with an unfair property manager is not a stress that a military member should deal with. The good news is that our team has experience in helping military members deal with unfair property managers. Give us a call today, so we can help remove one stressful event from your move.